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Meet our Lead Artist Educator, Claudio Garzon, for the CCL Museum-on-Wheels Program!

The CCL has been fortunate enough to have partnered with Claudio Garzon since the inception of our Museum-on-Wheels initiative earlier this year. Claudio has helped in the design of our programs and led numerous educational workshops. He's been a true supporter and partner and is a great advocate for creativity and the arts for the community.

To see more of Claudio's artwork and advocacy projects, please visit Claudio's Facebook page.

Claudio Garzón, an LA-based artist, cherishes the waterways around his home. He walks along the L.A. River nearly every day and collects things that catch his eye. But he’s not picking up colorful rocks or interesting shells—he’s picking up plastic garbage.

Claudio is an ocean advocate working to inspire students and the public to conserve our changing oceans. His plastic ocean debris sculptures offer a unique way to represent and convey this global crisis. His work exemplifies not only visionary creativity, but exciting solution-oriented design to encourage environmental awareness. Claudio believes artists are the storytellers needed to translate massive amounts of scientific data in ways that can be assimilated and acted upon by the public who are simply not getting the message needed to be informed and engaged.

His art work has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Discovery Channel, Discovery Channel En Español, National Geographic and TEDxSoCal.