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At Work: Creative thinking gets cramped

Too little time, unrealistic expectations have 1 in 4 in creative fields thinking of quitting.

Article describing the results of a survey with 400 professionals in design or visual arts, production and direction, photography, publishing and advertising or marketing

"The biggest challenge to working in a creative job is staying inspired. Nearly 70% said they want more creative time and 63% said they do not have the time they need for creative reflection and inspiration.

Time constraints make these workers feel stuck in a rut because they have too many competing priorities to just sit and think. Another insight: If these workers feel under the gun, they are less likely than others to take creative risks.

'People spout the mantra, 'Think outside the box.' But doing that, then executing on things outside the box, create risk,' a creative director at an advertising agency told me. 'And clients and executives don't want to take risks anymore.'"