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A very business-centric perspective on creativity

Creativity That Isn't Linked To Making Money Is Just A Hobby. Innovation Must Be Focused.

"If you let creativity go about unfettered, i.e. you say “if money (time, whatever) is no object” you are going to get wonderful ideas. Robots that can do Excel spreadsheets; packages that deliver themselves to your customer’s door; travel via giant pogo sticks.

That’s lovely. But it’s not particularly helpful to anyone but fiction writers...

Creativity that isn’t tied directly to making money is simply a waste of time. It might be fun as a hobby when you are off-the-clock, but it does you little good at work.”

Should creativity only be used for business? for social benefit? This is one of two articles that argues for each of them that have been published in the last several weeks... I'm not so sure I'd agree with either of them, although they both have sound reasons. With so much potential abundance of creativity, there should be enough for all areas of life.