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What Old Family Photo Albums Teach Us About Creativity

Vintage Photos

Erik Kessels art exhibition, Album Beauty, sees lessons in "less than perfection."

"'The exhibition is meant as an overview of this phenomenon of the photo album that lasted about 100 years and is now coming to an end'...Visitors are meant to feel as though they're walking through a photo album, with enlarged photos from Kessels collection, interactive albums, and other photo props used to bring the original photos to life...These anonymous momentos inspire Kessels for a number of reasons. 'As a designer and art director, a lot of the imagery I work with in that industry is close to perfection, but I get a lot of inspiration from amateur images where they make mistakes or dare to make mistakes, which I always learn from,' he says. 'Creativity in general doesn't come from perfection, it comes more from imperfection.'"