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The CCL Corporate Volunteer Program has blossomed!

This past Friday, we were so fortunate to have employees of the Clinical Affairs and Medical Affairs departments from Edwards Lifesciences, based in Irvine, for a Corporate Volunteer event at our Center. It was a very enthusiastic group, and they filled a great need that we had in expanding our impact in the community.

Over the last few months, this has been an rapidly growing resource and program for us, and we are loving every second of it!

It's been so refreshing to see how employer groups have been placing more emphasis on their social responsibility and community giving programs in the last decade. As Susan McPherson noted in an article published earlier in the year in Forbes, Corporate Social Responsibility has "evolved from a nice-to-have silo to a fundamental strategic priority for businesses large and small." (6 CSR Trends To Watch In 2017) Potential and existing employees want to feel that they are directly making an impact in their local community as part of their functions in life.

Fortunately for us and many other nonprofit organizations, we've been able to reap the benefits! In the later half of 2017 alone, we've partnered together with Pacific Life, UPS, Samsung, Hyundai Capital, Alteryx, Salesforce, Kapstone Planning, H&M Clothing, IKEA, Allen Packaging, Li & Fung, Blizzard Entertainment, Mazda, Cox Communications, and now Edwards Lifesciences. Also scheduled in the upcoming weeks are volunteer teams from PIMCO, Beckman Coulter, Pacific Dental Services, US Bank, and the American Association for Critical Care Nurses.

Thank you so much to those in Corporate America that are squeezing in time to give back to the community. Volunteers are the backbone for most nonprofits, and this trend has truly made it feasible for us to achieve and even outpace our program goals.

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