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OC GIVING DAY Edition: The CCL Story

Let us tell you OUR story…

Jocelyn and Kyle are energetic 2th graders residing in Orange County. Unfortunately, they are your typical students living in what’s arguably become the peak of an ongoing creativity crisis that has plagued US students since 1990.

Every day, Jocelyn and Kyle live in a world where teachers, parents, and others constantly ingrain in them (albeit with great intention) strict rules and guidance on how they should behave and live; where there are technological tools at their every disposal that along with facilitate learning, hinders opportunities for well-rounded growth and development; and within a culture of over-activity, hyper-stimulation, and non-existent downtime.

As a result, Jocelyn, Kyle, and other children all throughout Orange County lack important and essential skills – Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking, Divergent Thinking, and Innovation.

Imagine that Jocelyn and Kyle are all grown up and in the early stages of their professional career. Kyle, now 26, encounters an unforeseen problem on the day of his extremely important presentation to senior management. He’s struggling and frustrated and can’t figure out how he’s going to get through the situation.

Help US write the next page of our chapter…

As we kick-off this special 30-hour window of giving, please consider donating what you can to the Child Creativity Lab. The Child Creativity Lab travels to schools, after-school sites, libraries, and community partner locations to provide STEM-based, hands-on educational programs that allow children to express their own unique creative personalities and that enhance their ability to solve problems, think critically and creatively, and work collaboratively with others. Most of our programs are provided free of charge to disadvantaged communities, and this is only possible with the continued support from people like you.

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