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Guest Post by Pearl Audon: Child Creativity Lab Comes to City of Orange Public Library!

This week, we are fortunate to welcome Pearl Audon as our guest blogger. Pearl is the 2015 Miss Westminster Teen Ambassador, a graduate of Fairmont Prep Academy in Anaheim, and a current student at Scripps College in Claremont. Pearl and Lubna Kabir, 2015 Miss Regional Anaheim Teen Ambassador, volunteered at our Museum-on-Wheels workshop held at the City of Orange Public Library in January.

Looking all around there were pieces of typical household items: colorful bottle tops, empty floss, miniature Legos, and many other single-used plastics. At around 4 P.M., children in the community curiously walked through the event doors wondering what was going on. As it turns out, the free special event today was for children to experience an environmentally-friendly, innovative, and educational project called PlasTikobots. By reusing common plastics to make personalized plastic robots, Child Creativity Lab promotes environmental kindness as well as critical thinking to school age children all across Orange County.

With the extra help from Miss Orange County Ambassadors Lubna Kabir (Miss Reg. Anaheim Teen) and Pearl Audon (Miss Westminster Teen) (me), and Garden Grove High’s National Honor Society, the workshop became a success. Children sketched their robots and within minutes, made it a reality. It was amazing to see kids dictating which pieces went together during the hot gluing process and color-coordinating the objects to their heart’s (and brain’s) content. At the end of the project, the main question that each child was asked was “What does creativity mean to you?”. Some wrote down “the simple, yet complex concept to making cool things” or “it makes me happy”. Whatever the answer may be, the more important aspect of this project was that the kids developed a deeper appreciation for their innovative side. It is imperative to nourish these young minds to create the next generation of mind-blowing inventors and divergent thinkers. After speaking with coordinator, Mr. Peter Chang, I learned of the CCL’s hopeful ambition of building a Child Creativity Lab Museum in Orange County within two years. Not only can this courageous idea become a reality, but the lasting effects that a creativity museum will have for students of OC will be, nonetheless, worthwhile.