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Please welcome our newest CCL intern, Sierra Cooper!

Please welcome our newest intern, Sierra Cooper! Sierra will be assisting the Child Creativity Lab with our social media. Sierra has a....nevermind!...we'll let her introduce herself:

"Hi there! My name is Sierra Cooper, a current junior attending Cal State Fullerton who is majoring in communications with an emphasis in entertainment studies. In my past few years, I have been a peer mentor for first graders and a camp leader for the YMCA, two positions that truly sparked my passion for working with today's youth. I am very interested in working for a non-profit organization in regards to communications or I would love to get involved with event planning in the entertainment field. Besides having fun with kids, I love going to the beach with my golden retriever, traveling with friends, eating good food, and going to art shows throughout Los Angeles."

And of course, we had to ask about her favorite superhero:

"If I had to pick a favorite superhero, it would definitely be Spiderman because unlike others, he can climb on walls and escape any situation by shooting out spider webs, pretty cool in my opinion!"

Welcome Sierra!