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How fear destroys creativity and what to do about it.

Great post by Dr. Diana C. Pitaruopinion, on Psych Central, that talks about how we as humans come from a starting point at a young age with strong creativity skills that get diminished over time with the often inadvertent impact of an everyday culture that stresses a behavior that while may be perceived as accepted but that may be too rigid.

"As children, we’re free and uninhibited, that is until someone (a parent, teacher, or peer) stomps onto our imagination and creativity with comments (you call that drawing a dog?) or non-verbal disapproving gestures. We start learning this way, at a very young age, that there are (negative) consequences to using our creativity and imagination."

We need creativity not only for the obvious artistic reasons; we use creativity in our day to day lives, at work figuring out problems, at home and in relationships. Creativity is a choice and one with negative repercussions if choked and with amazing possibilities if encouraged.