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"First 40" Member Profile - Jason Starkman!

Jason Starkman has spent his entire professional career bettering the lives of those around him. As the owner of a State Farm Agency in Newport Beach, Jason and his team work hard each day to make sure their clients, friends and family are all properly protected from everyday risk.

Jason grew up in Los Angeles and in 1998, came to Orange County to attend UC Irvine, where he graduated with a BA in Sociology.

Jason is on the Board of Directors of The Raise Foundation, a non-profit which prevents child abuse in Orange County, as well as involvement with his social networking groups, Y.P.S.O.C. and Elite OC.

In his free time, Jason enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding and playing hockey. One thing you might not know, is that Jason is a huge music fan. His ipod library consists of everything from Garth Brooks to 2 Pac to Frank Sinatra and everything in between.


Question: What does Creativity mean to you?

Answer: Creativity to me, means thinking and visualizing something that has not been seen or done before. It can be a complex piece of abstract art or just a new color of paint on the front of a building, taking a chance to design something new for yourself and others to enjoy.

Question: What inspired you to become a First 40 member?

Answer: I was inspired to become a First 40 Member because while I think that technology is important, I am concerned that it is taking over the lives of many people, especially kids. Kids should be outdoors, playing with toys, building with blocks, using their imagination, etc. I want to help give kids in Orange County the opportunity to be creative, imaginative and interact with friends as opposed to staring into a video game or tablet all day. I know that creativity and interaction will lead to a mentally and physically happier and healthier society, for all of us to enjoy.

Question: Who is your “Creative Hero”?

Answer: My brother Brian is my creative hero. Brian owns a wedding video company and every week, creates a new video memory for his clients, based on their personality, music preference, style, etc. No two are ever the same and he has the vision to create timeless masterpieces for these couple to enjoy forever.

Question: Where do you reside?

Answer: Newport Beach.

Question: Favorite tinker materials of choice- Legos, Tinker Toys or Wooden Blocks? Why?

Answer: I had all of these as a kid, but Legos are definitely my favorite. My brother and I built a full Lego city and were always changing it, building new structures, etc. Even as an adult, my favorite store to visit at the mall is the Lego store. Legos allow kids to escape into their own “mini” world. Whether a full city, and industrial ship port or a medieval castle, Legos have something for every imagination.

Question: How do you like to memorialize your memories- photographs, sketches, videos, etc. and why?

Answer: I love photographs. For me, photographs of a certain event, trip or group of friends can instantly take me back to that place, no matter how long ago it was. I can always remember what music was playing, how I felt and what else was going on in my life at that time. My home is lined with photographs of my friends and family…reminders of great memories from experiences I cherish.

The Child Creativity Lab recently kicked off its “First 40” Member Campaign, which is designed to reach a goal of $40,000 through the generous gift of $1,000 from 40 individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Members of this exclusive group are given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to set themselves apart from others through this important designation. In addition, once the museum is open, a unique “First 40” donor recognition piece will be highlighted to celebrate, in a tangible way, their active role in the enrichment of children, dedication to the community, and generous support of the Child Creativity Lab.

To learn more about the "First 40" Campaign, please click HERE.