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Benefits of the CCL

  • Freedom for uninhibited creative play in a neutral, non-judgmental environment, without pressure to perform

  • Enrichment of creativity, divergent thinking, problem solving, and ability to innovate, which are important skills not focused on by our school systems

  • Diverse activities providing a distinct variety of stimuli, entertainment and creativity-building tools to address short attention spans
  • Notable opportunity to be part of building the CCL legacy that will serve this generation and generations to come

  • Facilitates immeasurable personal achievement and organization goals for philanthropic contributions to the community
The CCL not only
provides vital benefits
to children, but also, it
addresses important
needs of other
  • Affordable, accessible, and much-needed resource to support key development areas of their children and overall family dynamics

  • Safe and supervised environment to let families take part in hours of fun and beneficial activities

  • Quality, personalized souvenir creations to live famously and decoratively on any wall or workplace for lasting memories

  • Modern decor and "iConnected" to provide plush comfort and the real-time sharing with friends and family via social media
  • Significant community addition enhancing the available resources, including an active focus on disadvantaged populations

  • New tourism attraction that will add increased revenues to the city, county, and other businesses

  • Meaningful benefits for children that are long-lasting and that will pay forward to society in terms of leadership and future innovation
  • Structured field trip workshops to supplement local school curriculum in an engaging environment

  • Teacher-approved after-school programs designed to encourage imaginative expression and to strengthen academic achievement

  • Appreciation program that invites teachers to experience the CCL and preview activities for their classrooms free of charge